Exquisite Corpses

Single Channel Video. 4 min, 30 seconds. Part of a larger, feature length anthology. 2015.

Exquisite Corpses are singular works made from an assemblage of various artist contributions. For this video-based Exquisite Corpse, contributors had to make 3-5 minute long shorts, filming only in black and white, and using only the previous :30 seconds as a reference point for “continuing” the plot of the previous film, if they so chose. My contribution picks up mise-en-scene from a fade to black, and was my attempt to create a short horror thriller. I had two weeks to complete this project from start to finish, and relied upon a team of friends and freelancers inside of a makeshift studio to complete. Produced for Chris LaMartina’s “Exquisite Corpses” anthology film.

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