do you see what you see?

Documentation of ‘do you see what you see?’ at Towson University, May 2022

10 min A/V Loop, Live Feed

Inspired by pareidolia, the innate human ability to recognize patterns and derive meaning from seemingly random data, ‘do you see what you see?’ explores perception and meaning making in the Information Age.

A live feed of 3D modeled terrain from Cydonia, a mountainous region on the surface of Mars, and astrophotography of the lunar cycle are projected adjacent to one another. A soundtrack sourced from NASA recordings of the Martian landscape plays beneath confident assertions and speculative analysis of what is seen.

Photographed by a 1990’s era GameBoy Camera, this once state-of-the-art technology shows the limits of its capabilities, producing uncanny images which distort the truth. The combination of scale, image compression, resolution, atmosphere, and the interplay of light and shadow controlled by the viewer, invites space for myth to propagate.

Below are photographs of the installation during its exhibition in the Spark: New Light show, August 2022.


Spark V: New Light. The Peale Center, Baltimore, MD. Curated by Catherine Borg. On view Aug 13-Sept 25, 2022.

BmoreArt Review of the Spark V: New Light Show

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