As a dual major in Film and Journalism, I’ve committed myself to pursuing the truth in all that I do. This website serves as a portfolio for my writing and as a blog to practice my craft. I tend to cover topics related to film, internet sub-cultures, new technologies and media critique. Below, I’ve collected my proudest works:

Film Union Lobbies For 12-Hour Day

Co-written with Sarah LaCorte, this article investigates the realities of working on Baltimore-based film sets. With a smaller film economy than other regions, the film unions are more likely to fight to keep work in Maryland then they are to fight for better working conditions. However, a national movement seeks to bring a 12-hour maximum workday to the film industry, the only labor industry seeking such a commitment. This article placed first among 58 contestants for the Best of Towson’s Capstone Articles, as voted upon by a panel of working professionals.

Designed to Fail: Pokemon Fandom Produces Culture

Co-written with Mary Metelski, “Designed to Fail,” investigates the internet-based cultural production surrounding “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” a channel on an interactive game-streaming website that allows hundreds of thousands of viewers to simultaneously play a single game of Pokemon. This article placed second among 58 contestants for the Best of Towson’s Capstone Articles, as voted upon by a panel of working professionals.

Occupy Protestors Revitalize Activism

Co-written with Chunyang Yang, “Occupy Protestors Revitalize Activism” seeks to serve as an epitaph for Occupy Baltimore, while also investigating the implications the movement had upon activist groups within the city. This article faced a variety of issues with structure and access to sources, but I’m proud of the work it ultimately became. It was nominated among 58 contestants as Best of Towson’s Capstone Articles. I was the only student to have all three of his stories nominated for Best Of Awards.

As Shamus Kelley puts it: Power Ranger series is ‘so bad, it’s good’

Shamus Kelley, 22, is a die-hard Power Rangers fan, but his love for the show and its unique fandom stems from an interesting dichotomy. Kelley says he enjoys the show ironically for its “so bad, it’s good” quality, but he also sincerely loves it for what it is. This tension between irony and sincerity has been a favorite research subject of mine, as seen in other articles.

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