Film Articles

As a dual major in Film and Journalism, I love to write about film. This website serves as a portfolio for my writing and as a blog to practice my craft. Below I’ve listed some of my proudest work directly related to film, but be sure to visit and follow my blog for other articles.

Live Tweet Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

A comedy of errors; I attempt to “Live Tweet Salo” to disastrous results. An essential viewing experience for any film buff, Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom investigates not only the atrocities committed in World War II, but also serves as a study of corruption of power throughout all of history. Originally written as a scholarly report for History of Film, I decided to have some fun with the digital publication.

The Making of Metropolis in the Silent Era

I watched the restored Blu-Ray cut of Metropolis for the first time and went crazy doing research on the making of the film. This post details a brief history of the silent era and just how fascinating the early days of filmmaking were, epitomized by a single behind the scenes images featured in the article.

Towson EMF alumnus premieres latest film

Chris LaMartina is a Baltimore-based director and former Towson University who in December of 2013 was releasing a feature film while simultaneously editing another. This short feature story seeks to offer insight on the types of films LaMartina makes and why he makes them. Below is an audio slideshow from the making of Call Girl of Cthulhu, LaMartina’s seventh feature.

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