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Hampden is “Hipster Central for Baltimore”

As soon as you step into any restaurant or bar in Hampden, Baltimore, the first thing you will notice is the amount of beards.

Take Holy Frijoles for example.

One of the definitive markers of “hipsterdom,” the grizzly man beard growth adorns both the greeters at the door and the bartenders behind the counter, smiling back at you.

Local art hangs on the walls, affixed with price tags and contact information for the artists.

The animated bar discussion is focused on the performance of the  Olympic ice skaters. No one appears over 35 years old.

Frijoles, as the locals call it, is a microcosm of Hampden as a whole. This trendy weeknight spot for young professionals to hang out while drinking cheap Tecate and eating even cheaper tacos, works well to define Hampden as the Williamsburg, Brooklyn of Baltimore.

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Film Union Lobbies For 12-Hour Day

[Originally posted on Feb. 18, 2014 at Hidden Baltimore by Mark Burchick and Sarah LaCorte]

Editorial Note: On Feb. 22, this article was taken offline briefly and edited. The story had received over 5,000 page views causing Brendan Cathcart, a key source, to express concerns about the job security of unnamed sources who could be identified based on his comments. That section of the narrative has been rewritten to focus solely on Cathcart’s perspective and protect those who are incidental to the story.

Bracing himself for another long day on the set of the Netflix Original Series “House of Cards,” Brendan Cathcart pulled on waterproof mud boots and poured himself the day’s first cup of coffee. It was 8 a.m. in his Bolton Hill apartment.

Cathcart, 24, arrived at Patapsco State Park at 10 a.m., the location of the day’s shoot. He walked through the Civil War style encampment alive with crowded tents and burning fires. The air was muggy and clouded with swarms of bugs.  Horses used for the scene trotted in the background as crew members started rigging lights.

“This first scene was this person on this horse and they kind of did this re-enactment thing. While we were shooting the first day scene the gaffer had us go over to the first night scene which was at the tents and get everything ready, rigging the set because we were hours away from shooting it,” he said.

Coffee number two.

Cathcart is one among many film set workers that combat long working days and occasionally harsh conditions, all in the name of their literal labor of love.

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A Visit to Video Americain, Baltimore’s Last Great Video Store

[Originally posted on Sept. 13, 2013 on baltimorefilmguide.wordpress.com]

About three week ago, I came back to my apartment to hear my roommates raving about Video Americain, a video rental store they had discovered through Towson University EMF faculty. My roommate Devin, described the roadside attraction as, “a candy store for film nerds.” Their enthusiasm for what seemed to be a mom-and-pop video shop befuddled me at first, until he began to describe the rows of shelves organized, not by genre, but by directors.

My mouth began to water as he talked about the previous Maryland Film Fest entries having their own section, featuring the works of local filmmakers I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I was convinced this place was heaven on Earth and that I needed to stop by as soon as I saw an opportunity.

Video Americain's storefront on Cold Spring Lane.
Video Americain’s storefront on Cold Spring Lane.

So I was devastated to read that the store, a fixture of Roland Park for almost 25 years, will be closing early next year . I spoke with another friend of mine, a Towson alumnus named Zach Mullen, who made a stop into the store as soon as he heard the news. Speaking with the owner of the store, Zach enquired as to how he could help mobilize Towson’s film department to assist in saving the collection of 35,000 rare and obscure movie titles. Continue reading A Visit to Video Americain, Baltimore’s Last Great Video Store