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The Crossroads of Science, Art and Storytelling

So I came across this article in my Facebook Newsfeed and was intrigued by the headline. I wasn’t expecting much, but was quickly blown away.

It wasn’t till after reading it that I went back saw that it was written by Robert Krulwich, the gentleman who inspired me to practice journalism. There is a beautiful and engaging crossroads of art, science, storytelling and journalism that he taps into.

In my sophomore year, my Towson professor Dr. Peter Lev introduced my class to NPR’s Radiolab, which Krulwich co-hosts. The strength of his storytelling ability inspired an audio documentary project on Sleep Paralysis that I co-wrote with James Ficklin, seen below.

My hope is that come graduation, I’ll have some free time to continue merging my interests in the sciences and arts, whether that be in documentary, journalism, or otherwise. I’m forever indebted to Krulwich’s awesome examples and I hope that you find his writing as unique as I do!

Hampden is “Hipster Central for Baltimore”

As soon as you step into any restaurant or bar in Hampden, Baltimore, the first thing you will notice is the amount of beards.

Take Holy Frijoles for example.

One of the definitive markers of “hipsterdom,” the grizzly man beard growth adorns both the greeters at the door and the bartenders behind the counter, smiling back at you.

Local art hangs on the walls, affixed with price tags and contact information for the artists.

The animated bar discussion is focused on the performance of the  Olympic ice skaters. No one appears over 35 years old.

Frijoles, as the locals call it, is a microcosm of Hampden as a whole. This trendy weeknight spot for young professionals to hang out while drinking cheap Tecate and eating even cheaper tacos, works well to define Hampden as the Williamsburg, Brooklyn of Baltimore.

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