The Towerlight

As a filmmaker, I know that the best film education one can obtain comes from the act of watching movies. I was fortunate to have been interviewed by Towson University’s newspaper, The Towerlight for their “Student Spotlight” column on working at the on-campus video store Tiger Reels.

“Another aspect about his job that Burchick said he enjoys is the opportunity to read through interviews with well-known filmmakers. He has learned that many of them got their start in film from working at movie stores like Blockbuster. After learning this fact, Burchick said he is more inspired to make movies, especially because he too gets to spend his days watching films.

Burchick said his interest in films first began when his close childhood friend created films with an old VHS-compatible camera. They spent their childhood playing in the backyard and filming just about everything with their camera. At the time, Burchick had no idea that filmmaking could potentially become his passion and possibly his career in the future.” – Carley Milligan, Assistant Arts and Life Editor of The Towerlight

Read the full article!

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