Bethesda Gazette

On March 21, 2014, my thesis documentary film The Bottom Line was screened at the Bethesda Film Festival. To promote the event, I was interviewed by the Bethesda Gazette for their print and online editions.

bethesda film festival gazette will franklin
The layout of the print edition for the Bethesda Film Festival article in the Bethesda Gazette, which ran the week of March 19th, 2014.

For Burchick, the student documentarian, events such as the Bethesda Film Festival gives him and others like him an opportunity to share his work with others and to gain valuable feedback.

“… I’ve noticed this trend of smaller… film festivals popping up. The Bethesda Film Festival has a documentary film focus, and that’s incredibly exciting to me. This is the first, big festival I’ve shown work at, and I feel incredibly fortunate that in my first opportunity to apply for one, I’m in.” – Will C. Franklin, Staff Writer for the Gazette

To clarify, when referring to getting into Sundance – I’m talking about the kind of work that I am doing at the college student level. Read the full article!

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