Pseudo (Adj.): not real or genuine. As a prefix: almost, approaching, or trying to be.
Intellectual (Noun): a person who creatively pursues complex fields of knowledge through study, reflection, and speculation.
Pseudointellectual (Noun): An idiot who makes junk about stuff he wants to understand.
At the crossroads of science, religion, art, and philosophy, Pseudointellectual is a haven and a moniker for the artist to explore, discover, and share his findings on the absurdity of existence. Join me in the deep end of pretension. Bring your own floaties. The life guards are tanning and you and I need to look out for one another.

Dump Truck Bounty Hunter - 2015
Mass Media and Society - 2013

Mark Burchick 2015.

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is a freelance filmmaker and a lifelong student.

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