Below are some of my proudest projects from each year of my college experience, as well as links to my YouTube portfolio. My interests ranged greatly while in school and I wanted to show a diversity in my portfolio, from documentary, to lighting, to animation.

And the Award Goes To… (Towson Senior Thesis)

And The Award Goes To… (17 min.) is a narrative thesis film produced at Towson University by a team of senior filmmakers. I served as an executive producer, production designer and grip on the film.

Written and directed by Andrew Edwards, the film follows Nicholas du Jour, a young teenager who has discovered the secret to entering the school’s elite clique, the Beatniks, and to winning the girl of his dreams. The solution: landing the lead in the school’s musical.

Director of Photography Kyle Deitz sets focus for a wide angle shot.
Director of Photography Kyle Deitz sets focus for a wide angle shot.

In the role of production designer, I worked with Edwards to compile a list of props and wardrobe essential to the film. He gave me a list of reference films to pull inspiration from for overall aesthetic and color palette, including Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, Janicza Bravo’s Gregory Go Boom, and the filmography of Wes Anderson.

The Beatnik's, the school's definitive clique.
The Beatnik’s, the school’s definitive clique.

I, with costumer Sarah Gift, bought our set design and wardrobe from local thrift stores, retail locations and online distributors. An essential 50’s era tandem bike was rented from a collector in Delaware.

On set, I acted in the role of an assistant director to keep production on schedule and manage background and principal actors. I assisted with lighting design, managed props and wardrobe, and set dressed.

And The Award Goes To… was awarded the Best of the Festival at Towson’s Media Arts Festival and is currently set to play the festival circuit.

Mass Media and Society (Senior Year)

An assignment for Producing Online Video, the idea was to create a humorous video with potential for viral distribution. I’m a huge fan of Brad Neely, an animator who draws simple comic panels set to exaggerated voice performances, so I wanted to try something in that style. I was also taking a Mass Media and Society class this semester, and I wanted this video to parody the heavily opinionated responses I expected from the class. Luckily, the class was a blast and was a lot more civil than I expected. This animation therefore serves as a “what could have been” scenario. Drawn, written, and animated by myself, colored by Jennie Bukowski. It placed second among the animation category at Towson University’s Media Arts Festival.

Videochrome (Junior Year)

The final project for my Film Lighting class. The idea for the film originated from a story I’d heard about a man who surrounded his garage with wall to wall TV’s. For this project, I really wanted to experiment with set dressing – so over the course of two weeks, I dug through Craiglist free ads and drove to local auto body shops to gather the necessary materials. A Towson alumnus and my Big in my fraternity, Spencer Grundler, offered additional lighting equipment and advice. Directed, designed and lit by myself, Shot by Kyle Deitz, Edited by Andrew Edwards. Our wonderful actress is Jennette Nelligan. It placed third among the experimental film category at Towson University’s Media Arts Festival.

Lambda Kappa Tau (Sophomore Year)

A promotional documentary on the society that I served as co-president of, Lambda Kappa Tau. LKT is a co-ed media production society that originated at Towson in 2008. I was rushing the society when this documentary was produced for my Film Production 1 class. At the time, LKT was operating as a co-ed fraternity. I directed and co-edited the film with Andrew Edwards. Additional assistance provided by Tony Mendiola and Kyle Deitz.

Sleep Paralysis Audio Documentary (Freshman Year)

Done in the style of NPR’s RadioLab, this audio documentary seeks to inform listeners as to why ghostly encounters and alien abductions can be attributed to a common sleep disorder, sleep paralysis. Completed my freshman year of college with co-producer James Ficklin, it won the Towson Media Arts Festival’s Audio Documentary category.

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