(Belated) News for the New Year

It’s been almost six months since my last update. In that time, I’ve done more union work, entirely paid off my school debt, directed and edited a project, and started my graduate school search. With this new year, I’ve pledged to work on my personal portfolio content, especially for the purposes of grad school. My creative content banner, Pseudointellectual, is the biggest part of that venture, and I hope to produce a variety of pieces for this new brand. Check in here or on Facebook for more information regarding Pseudo. It’s very much a fluctuating, ever-growing project, so stay tuned for more!

I’m proud to announce that one of my Pseudo projects, Dump Truck Bounty Hunter, has raised a little over $1,200 for cancer research and preventative awareness measures sponsored by No Shave November. You can read more about “Dump Truck,” and the background and intent of the piece in its press release. I couldn’t have achieved that level of success without the help of my amazingly dedicated crew and donors, so thank you to all who participated! This is my second project writing and directing since leaving college, which I’m proud to say given the amount of other work I’ve been balancing as well.

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