How to Make A Thanksgiving Dinner on a College Budget

1. Buy Yourself a Pound of Turkey
2. Make Stove Top Stuffing Mix
3. Wrap The Stuffing In Turkey
4. Pour Some Canned Turkey Gravy Over It
5. Bake It at 350 Degrees for Like… 10 Minutes
6. Make Some Frozen Peas and Flaked Mashed Potatoes
7. Crack Open a Can of Cranberry Jelly
8. Cry Yourself to Sleep Alone in Your Apartment While the Other Half of that Canned Cranberry Jelly Slowly Goes to Waste in Your Fridge

Bean Pot

Quit your job, buy furniture, pack the car, say your goodbyes, and go. Ultimate freedom at the cost of utmost responsibility. Dear God.

I have my own apartment.

Working at the same hardware store for so many years has its benefits. Employees are allowed to borrow rental equipment for free (within certain limits, of course). On my final day before temporary hiatus, I reserved myself a trailer to assist in the move to my new apartment off campus. The majority of the furniture I would be moving was obtained over the summer at a variety of yard sales, thrifts stores, and in one case, a mouse filled garage.

Besides loading my furniture, I had to worry about packing kitchen utensils, bath towels, school supplies, wall art, extension cords, a plethora of clothes for all seasons, alcohol (medical grade and grain based), game consoles, food, shoes, chargers, cameras, batteries, chapstick, chewing gum, cleaning supplies, scissors, movie props, sports memorabilia, that secret box of secret stuff I don’t show people, textbooks, ice trays, pictures of dogs, coasters, mood-inducing lamps, a vacuum and vitamins. It was during this process of trying to think of what else I could possibly need to survive on my own when my mom struck me with the bean pot.

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