A Polemic

This post is dedicated to all janitorial workers who are fed up cleaning the same shit every day. For the last 3 years, I have cleaned the bathrooms at my place of employment. This occurs 3 to 4 times a week. Every single time I clean, I am disturbed by the lack of natural human decency I would expect all people to have. The floor of this bathroom has a urine puddle, roughly 6 inches in diameter, that is wet, day after day, 24/7. How is this possible, you may ask?

Here’s my theory. An individual enters the bathroom and sees the puddle. Rather than widen their stance to avoid the puddle and get closer to the urinal, the individual steps back a foot and proceeds to dribble, splash, and void themselves all over my floor. Some people choose to ignore using the urinal and instead choose the toilet. Once again, day after day, I discover massive amounts of dried urine caked to the toilet seat. In a bathroom that has a urinal a foot away.

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SongMeanings.net and Perspective

Attempting to see from someone else’s perspective has always fascinated me. When you think about it, there are a LOT of people on this planet. Seriously. Stop and think about it for a second.

I’ll wait.

Yah done? Okay. Now think about what it must be like to be someone that… isn’t you. Your roommate. Your siblings. That Wal-Mart greeter you passed by and didn’t acknowledge. What must his day be like? He stands at the entrance, waving to passerby’s, maybe half of whom ever respond. That’s his entire job. He’s likely retired. Maybe he doesn’t even need the money, he just wants to get out of the house because he is bored. He probably people-watches, judging them as they enter the store based on their dress, or maybe their responses. He probably tries to see things from their perspectives.

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